Integration Guide – Calendly

Would you like vendors and landlords to book market appraisals directly into your calendar? Would you like to show live availability for
appointments and property viewings?

This is a quick start guide to help you set up a free scheduling tool called Calendly, that can be integrated with LeadPro to help you win
more business and out class your competitors. We’ve outlined this process step by step below and included a couple of key screenshots
below to help too.

Steps 1-9 help you to create a Calendly account and will give you a webpage that enables online appointment scheduling. Steps 10 & 11 let
your web developer embed your availability in your own website.

1) From your internet browser visit the
Calendly website.

2) Sign up with the email address that is associated to the calendar you want to book market appraisals and viewings into. Calendly will work with Google & Microsoft accounts.

It can also be custom integrated with your CRMs calendar but this step would need set up by your CRM provider, not LeadPro.

3) Authorise calendar access, if you have a corporate account then you might require your account administrator to provide access.

4) Rename the meeting/event type to either market appraisal or viewing booking.

With the free version of Calendly you can only have one event type. 

5) Customise the length of the appointment & schedule your availability for that type of appointment.

6) Go to advanced settings to schedule buffers. This stops people from booking into your diary without giving you warning, and enables you to set travel time between appointments.

7) Edit the mandatory questions to confirm the client’s phone number and the address of the property where you will be meeting!

8) Enable email and or sms appointment reminders!

9) Success. You’ve now created an online bookable event, which you can share with clients!

You can access the link for the event type from the events page. 

10) Link Calendly to your own website. It’s possible to have the live availability show up on your website! To do this click the Embed Button.

11) Then copy and share the code with your website developer/manager.

If you have any questions in relation to the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call us on 020 3868 0187